Stainless Steel Actuator

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  • Acting Type: Double acting and single acting (spring return)
  • Rack & Pinion Structure
  • Specifications: 8 different sizes
  • Standard Stroke: 0°~ 90°
  • Torque Range
    • Double Acting: 6 ~ 2105Nm
    • Spring Return: 2.9 ~ 625Nm
  • Working Temperature
    • Standard: -20°~80° (NBR O-ring + normal temperature grease)
    • Low: -40°~80° (LNBR O-ring + Low temperature grease)
    • High: -20°~150° (Viton O-ring + high temperature grease)

  • Working Pressure: 2-8 Bar
  • Capable of withstanding high strong crossion
  • Double - acting and single - acting actuators are the same size.By installing and removing the spring, the two forms of action can be switched.Spring can be removed and installed quickly and safely.
  • Service life: rated at 700,000 to 1 million actions
  • Approved by CE, ISO9001, ATEX 2014/34/EU, SIL3 IEC 61508


Interface Actuator/Valve acc. to ISO5211, DIN3337

Interface Actuator/Control valve (solenoid valve, speed controller, silencer) acc. to Namur

Interface Actuator/Signal unit(limit switch, positioner etc.) acc. to Namur

Stroke range and It's adjusting

0°~ 90°±5° or 0°±5°~ 90° (The piston has an adjustable range of ±5° at both ends)

Quality Control

St. Hans implements a standardized quality control system.

Contact us to know the " St.Hans Quacity Control System"

Each actuator, from the selection of raw materials, parts processing, finished product assembly, even outsourcing control, are fully in accordance with the st. Hans standardize quality control process

Each actuator has a serial number printed by the laser.